Visiting Researchers

The Japanese Studies Centre welcomes visiting researchers who wish to pursue research or complete the writing up of research on Japan, on Japanese overseas or Australia-Japan relations. It encourages joint research between Japanese scholars and scholars at Monash. Appointments may be for periods from one month to one year. The Centre organizes research seminars, houses the Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education, Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria, the Centre’s Manga Library and serves as a focal point for a variety of other activities related to Japan. The Centre is conveniently located on the Monash Clayton campus and is accessible by public transport (about 40 minutes from the centre of Melbourne). The Monash Library has an overall collection of 1.9 million books and 60,000 journals, which includes 30,300 volumes in Japanese, the MCJLE (Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education) resource Centre and a large number of English language books on or related to the areas mentioned above.

Different statuses for researchers

Depending upon the status, the experience and the needs of visiting researchers, they may be accepted as Visiting Research Fellows or Visiting Researchers. All appointments are made on an honorary basis and all visitors need to cover their transport and living expenses while at the Centre. The fee for affiliation with the Centre is A$1700 for one year and A$1000 for six months. In some cases, involving extremely active researchers, the fee may be remitted.


A primary mission of the Centre is to promote research on Japan, and it is in service to that mission that facilities have been developed for visiting researchers.

Accordingly, it is expected that visitors will be actively engaged in research during their stay, will present one or more research seminars in English or in Japanese (but preferably in English) and, upon completion of their appointment will have submitted to a publisher or refereed journal one or more publishable manuscripts. (The Centre is concerned with concrete outcomes, and upon completion of those tasks, a portion of the affiliation fee may be allocated for the researchers’ activities during their stay at the centre.)

Provisions for researchers

Researchers at the JSC are provided with a desk in a room with 2-3 other researchers, a phone, limited shelving and a networked computer. They are invited to all JSC functions, able to use and to borrow from the Centre’s Manga Library, and will have access to the Monash Library system. Limited assistance (e.g., advice for accommodation, etc.) will be provided to visiting researchers during the settling in period.

Use of the facilities

The various services provided to visiting researchers are subject to some limitations. Those wishing to phone interstate or overseas are asked to purchase a phone card from one of the shops in the Campus Centre (building no. 10). The Centre is not at this time able to supply secretarial services, and it is expected that visiting staff will do their own typing and copying (as is expected of all Monash University staff). A printer is supplied for general use and each visitor is allocated an ample supply of paper for use while at the Centre. A microwave oven and hot water are provided in the small kitchen area, along with a refrigerator and chilled water. Visitors wishing to hold a seminar or meeting should check with the Administrative Assistant to book the Auditorium, Board Room or the Foyer. Manga may be borrowed from the Centre’s Manga library for personal use, but must be checked out by those looking after the library.

Applying to be a Visiting Researcher at the Japanese Studies Centre

The JSC will accept applications for affiliation as a visiting researcher at any time. Please note that space is limited, and positions are awarded on a competitive basis, based on intellectual merit and alignment with the research goals and interests of the school and faculty. Applicants must gain support from a Monash academic before making an application. All applications are approved by the JSC board and school research committee. Applicants should submit their application both electronically and in hard copy. The application consists of the general application form, a full Curriculum Vitae, and a 750-1000 word abstract describing the research planned for the period of time spent while at the Centre. The abstract should mention the (theoretical) literature or scholarly issues being addressed, the methodology to be employed and a timeframe for stages of research and submission of final manuscript and the intended outlet (publisher or refereed journal). The application may be emailed to the address below.

For further information please contact us.

Email :
Address : Japanese Studies Centre, Building 54, Monash University, Clayton Campus, Vic. 3800, Australia

Download the Application Form

Previous/Current Visiting Researchers

Professor Daniel Botsman, Yale University and Focus Professor Monash (2019)

Professor Ayuu Ishida, Momoyama Gakuen University, Osaka (2019-2020)

Professor Marvin Sterling, Indiana University (2018)

Professor Takamichi Mito, Kwansei Gakuen University, Nishimiya, Hyogo (2017-2018)