Student ensembles

The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music has a wide range of music ensembles open to all students across the university. Participation is via enrolment in the Ensemble Studies electives (ATS1347/1348/2800/2801). Ensembles are open to all who would like to add some extra music to their studies, and entry is via the link to the audition/entry form. Please ensure you read the ensemble specific audition requirements in the sections below. For any questions regarding entry requirements into these units, please contact the Ensemble Studies Coordinator – Gerald Marko.

LEO – Large Ensembles Online in 2020

The school will be offering all Ensemble Units in 2020. Ensemble 1 and 3 (ATS1347/2800) will be offered online as weekly classes in Semester 2, 2020.  All large ensembles will be offered, with an accessible, audiovisual outcome shared at an online Day Of Play event at the conclusion of the semester.  Ensemble 2 and 4 (ATS1348/2801) will be offered in Summer Semester A, which runs in December 2020, as a 2 week intensive. This will also be offered online if we are not able to offer in person tuition at that time. We will be consulting the most up to date health advice for music practice throughout the year, and be following it carefully. Your health is of the utmost importance to us, as is our commitment to provide you with the best possible music education we can.

ONLINE AUDITIONS/ENTRY are open for video submissions

Please note that not all ensembles have an audition requirement, however, all students need to complete one online form and video submission per ensemble they wish to register for. The audition/entry portal is open for online submissions and includes the upload of a short video (90s, 100MB). Please ensure you read the ensemble specific audition requirements in the sections below or contact your ensemble director directly.

Start your audition video submission here

Ensembles offered in S2

Open for audition (click for description and audition requirements):

Additional ensembles potentially offered in SS-A, currently not open for audition: