CFA Program

The Department of Banking and Finance is a CFA Program Partner of the CFA Institute, the global association for investment professionals that awards the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

The partnering programs include the following Monash Business School programs:

The partnership means the Bachelor programs cover a minimum of 70 percent of the Level 1 topics, while the postgraduate program (the Master of Applied Finance) covers a minimum of 70 percent of all three topic levels, of the CFA Program Candidate Body of KnowledgeTM including a continued commitment to covering CFA Institute ethical and professional standards.

Recognition as a CFA Program Partner signals to potential students, employers and the marketplace that the business school's curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and is well suited to preparing students for employment in the finance and investment industry, and for attempting the CFA exams.

Monash Business School and the Department of Banking and Finance do not administer the CFA Program.  Students wishing to consider the CFA Program must meet the entrance requirements as outlined by the CFA Institute. Students should note that CFA Program does not provide credit for, or to, your Monash course(s).

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