About us

The Monash Centre for Financial Studies (MCFS) undertakes practitioner-relevant research and promotes thought leadership in the financial sector. We consider research to be of practical importance if the findings have policy outcomes, improve decision making or contribute to solving pressing challenges.

MCFS is an essential vehicle for the Monash Business School and the broader Monash University community to engage with the financial industry and its various stakeholders, including executives, industry associations, regulators, policy-makers and other influencers. Our engagement activities facilitate the two-way transfer of knowledge and expertise between academia and practice.

We seek to boost the global credentials and competitiveness of Australia’s financial industry. We support Australia as an international centre for finance practice, research and education, thereby promoting the long-term prosperity of the financial sector and its stakeholders.

Our office is located in the Melbourne CBD. Melbourne has a vibrant financial community, as the hub of headquarters and large offices of banks, pension & sovereign wealth funds, investment companies, consulting firms, regulators, policy-makers, government departments and technology businesses disrupting the financial industry. Our central location assists our staff and associated faculty in efficiently interacting with the practitioner community.

MCFS was formed out of the Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS) in August 2019. ACFS was acquired from a consortium by Monash University in 2016 and has been integrated and rebranded following a strategic review.