Our research

The Centre’s developing research agenda is broad but has a current concentration on issues relevant to the asset management industry, including retirement savings, sustainable finance and technological disruption.

ESG events and global stock prices

How a focus on investment ethics impacts on stock prices in dif ferent countries.

Stock price overreaction to ESG controversies

What are the implications for investors when the stocks in their portfolio undergo ESG controversies? And how should investors navigate the market following the release of ESG related news?

The retirement puzzle

How much superannuation do you need to support a comfortable retirement in Australia? It’s an inherently complicated question yet some experts have in the past offered deceptively simple answers.

Pitfalls in the retirement system and some thoughts about risk, reward and remediation

How can we restructure the system to improve retirement savings for retirees?

The Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index

The Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index is a benchmark of global pension systems. Since 2009, MCFS has partnered with Mercer to compile the Index annually, with the financial support of the Victorian Government.

Australian self-managed superannuation funds

Is it possible to exploit the “wisdom of the crowd” in formulating investment strategies? Will such strategies outperform the market?

The role of internet quality on market liquidity and trading costs

What drives the effect of speed differentials on stock market liquidity and trading costs?

Shareholder activism – mechanisms and implications

Are activist shareholders successful in improving the operating performance of the target companies both in the short term and long term?

Retirement Income Review submissions

MCFS has a keen research interest in the retirement income system as we consider the area to be of national significance and in the best public interest.