State on Board! Navigating Corporate Governance in Emerging Market Business

Book title: "State on Board! Navigating Corporate Governance in Emerging Market Business"

Author: Nga Pham, Kok-boon Oh.

Book description:

This book elaborates on the motivation and behaviour of the State as a shareholder of state-owned and state-invested enterprises in the post-privatisation era in emerging markets. It presents updated statistics and descriptive analysis of the economic role of the State in emerging markets and the corporate governance characteristics of state-invested firms. Many state-invested firms are listed on major stock exchanges and their ownership is mixed between state and private capital. Given the increasing focus on the rapidly evolving roles of Vietnam and China in the global supply chain and the ostensibly greater involvement of the State in the global economy, this book is an important corporate governance guide to investors who are considering doing business in emerging markets where state-owned and state-invested enterprises play a key role in the economy.

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