From the editor

The Changing Role of Home During Crisis

Sociologists have described modern life as consisting of three main places. The first place is our home, the second place is our work, and the third places are the local pubs, public parks, community centres, and other locations where we go to socialise, have fun, and share experiences with others. Now, however, that list is shrunk. As we endure lockdown and isolation, our homes have to become everything. In the shift from first place to only place, how has the home, and our relationship to it, changed? What does home mean now? In the first Constellation of Future Matters, we consider various aspects, from different perspectives, of the home during crisis. The home has never been a simple thing. It has always been dynamic, filled with life, prone to changes—but rarely do our relationships to home undergo such rapid and meaningful transformation. With particular attention to the role of technology, this collection of work helps us make sense of the home.

Jathan Sadowski