Republishing guidelines

We believe in sharing Future Matters content with a wider audience. You are welcome to republish our articles online or in print, free of charge, providing you follow our guidelines below.

Publishing an article in full:

  • Articles should be republished in full, without any edits. Please contact our editor if you wish to discuss changes to reflect your editorial style or the timeliness of a piece. Please note, the author will need to consent approval prior to publication.
  • Clearly credit the author, Future Matters and ETLab, Monash University in the byline. Link back to either our home page or the article URL . For example, [author name] for Future Matters, published by ETLab, Monash University.

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  • Check the copyright-terms located in the image caption as some images cannot be republished without permission or payment. You are welcome to remove our image or replace it with one of your own.

If you wish to republish an extract of an article:

  • You can run the first few paragraphs of the article providing you link back to the original Future Matters article, such as: “Read the full article by [author name] on Future Matters, published by ET Lab, Monash University.”

We would appreciate it if you send an image or link of the republished article to so that we can share it with the author.