Leadership opportunities

Leaders are being nurtured everyday in our classrooms and lecture halls as our students engage in intellectually-stimulating discussion and discourse. However, Monash Law School still believes in providing various opportunities to groom our students into leaders of tomorrow.

Below are some of the leadership programmes and avenues where Monash Law School students can further hone their leadership skills.

High Academic Achievers' Program

Started in 2008, the Monash Law School High Academic Achievers' Programme aims acknowlege and celebrate high-performing law students. The program has a range of other initiatives including establishing a network of scholars to facilitate collaboration, providing resources and support to enable students to realise their full potential as well as encouraging high-achieving students to undertake the Honours programme.

Find out more about the High Academic Achievers' Program.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program offers a range of opportunities to gain valuable leadership skills which will enhance your career development. The Program is an excellent opportunity for you to develop confidence and attributes which will make you stand out in the future. Student Ambassadors represent and promote the Faculty of Law at a variety of future student, alumni and industry events.

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The Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program

The aim of the Ancora Imparo program is to provide students with an understanding of the visionary and inspirational principles that guide current leaders and have guided leaders in the past.  The program involves theoretical and case study components, discussions, debates and seminars, as well as the study of classics that deal with the theme of leadership.

Find out more about the Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program.

Student representation on faculty committees

Students are encouraged to share their views and make recommendations on faculty initiatives. Each year, elections are held for law students to assume leadership roles on faculty committees.

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