High Academic Achievers' Program

Monash Law School is keen to ensure that our consistently outstanding students receive encouragement and support to build on their success.

As part of this endeavour, in 2008 Monash Law School launched the High Academic Achievers’ Programme. Program objectives

  • acknowledge and celebrate high performing students

  • establish a network of scholars in which high achieving students meet and collaborate with their peers

  • provide targeted support and resources in order to enable the students to realise their potential having regard to the wide range of possibilities (both in relation to employment and otherwise) that their high level of achievement opens up for them

  • encourage high achieving students to undertake the Honours programme

  • ensure that students are aware of and have access to further opportunities for exchanges, study overseas and higher degrees by research

Selection Criteria

Monash Law School students are selected for this program in January each year.

Students are selected based on the following criteria:

  1. LLB: Top 25 students (highest Law WAM, c.f overall WAM for double degree) with 84 - 114 credit points to complete in their degree.
  2. JD: Top 10 students (highest Law WAM) with 66-102 credit unit points to complete in Law

Students who have participated in the program once are ineligible to participate for a second year.

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