Antibody Characterisation

MADP can characterise your antibody using a variety of techniques.

Flow Cytometry: For surface proteins we can screen the fusion by Flow Cytometry. We need a parental cell line and the engineered cells over-expressing the target protein for screening the fusion. We can maintain these cell lines in MADP once we have them.

Cell Based Assays: Please contact us to discuss your cell based assay requirements. We can identify antibodies that play a functional role in cell growth (proliferation assay) or cell killing (ADCC assay).

Antibody Sequencing: We offer the sequencing of antibody-producing hybridoma cell lines, either IgG or IgM antibodies. We will provide a sequencing report stating the nucleotide and amino acid sequences of both the heavy-chain variable (VH), and light-chain variable (VL), regions of the monoclonal antibody. Visit our antibody sequencing page here

SPR Analysis: In collaboration with the Monash Fragment Platform we can identify complimentary binding pairs of antibodies with recombinant antigen or determine binding kinetics and affinity of antibodies with the parent antigen. Visit our SPR Analysis page here