Antibody Purification

Purified IgG from 1-1000mg

MADP and our partners are able to purify both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies from a range of different sources (tissue culture media, plasma/serum and ascites). We can also produce large quantities of highly concentrated tissue culture media for purification from cell-lines generated at MADP or supplied by you.

The goal of any antibody purification is to achieve a highly concentrated product with low or no contaminating proteins. We use Protein A/G chromatography to achieve the best purification of your antibody. Protein A/G columns provide an efficient and reliable method for antibody purification.

If required, your clones can be adapted to serum free (or IgG depleted) media prior to purification to ensure the highest quality of product.

We can generate any amount of purified antibody from <1mg all the way through to >1000mg batches with measured endotoxin levels and GMP grade if required.