Antigen Preparation


  • For a recombinant protein target, we require a minimum of 400µg soluble recombinant protein at a minimum of 250µg/ml.
  • Nearly all tags are permissible, but some are very immunogenic and should be avoided (e.g. NusA), contact us to discuss if you are not sure.
  • Common and acceptable tags are: GST, His-6 and MBP
  • We will screen your custom monoclonal antibodies against the protein(s) you supply and also against an irrelevant protein with the same tag to ensure that the antibodies are recognising exclusively the target protein.


  • Using a standard of suite of software, we can screen peptide sequences for you in order to select suitable candidate peptide antigens.
  • We do not synthesise peptides ourselves but would be happy to use our preferred supplier and provide a quotation for the peptide synthesis, purification and coupling to a carrier protein.


  • Major contaminants must be removed from the protein samples used for immunisation. The protein should be as pure as possible. If necessary, you may wish to perform a double purification by running the protein over an affinity column, followed by gel filtration/size-exclusion chromatography.


  • Buffers for immunogens (to be injected) should be physiologically compatible (i.e. PBS) where possible.
  • Buffers should be non-toxic and non-irritant (i.e. no azide and urea concentration must be less than 1M).