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Capital Financing is responsible for managing the University’s Credit Rating, Capital allocation strategies and Capital raising with a focus on the University’s ongoing financial performance and ability to optimise the use of capital to invest in campus infrastructure and assets.  Representing the university to various internal and external stakeholders (and forums), Capital Financing provides strategic and financial analysis and advice to university leadership.

Capital Financing employs a collaborative approach in managing and leading complex transactions from inception through to completion with the following key responsibilities:

  1. Alignment with the objectives and commitments outlined in the University's guiding documents such as 'Focus Monash' and its Environmental, Social and Governance Commitments (ESG).
  2. Manage the University's Credit Rating including monitoring key qualitative and quantitative metrics, interactions with the Rating Agency and recommending University actions to maintain the rating.
  3. Manage the University's Capital allocation against University and government performance expectations. Manage University and government authorisation processes. Identify sustainable and competitive capital sources and manage capital raising processes.
  4. Undertake evaluation and analysis of university land, infrastructure and assets, providing comprehensive and commercially sound recommendations for asset usage, development, operations and leverage including efficient use of University capital and risk allocation.
  5. Provide leadership and best practice methodology for all commercial transactions. Ensure expertise is provided in; scoping, risk identification / mitigation, legal considerations, budget management, scheduling and delivery of specified transaction outcomes.

Capital Financing works closely with key external stakeholders, consultants and partners during the life of each project. Past projects have included collaboration with bodies such as CSIRO, Melbourne University, La Trobe University, Deakin University, Swinburne University, RMIT, State and Federal government.

Capital Financing operates on a cross-portfolio basis and works closely with internal stakeholders including Corporate Finance, Facilities & Services, Financial Resources Management and the General Counsel to manage all aspects of the project.

Treasury manages the University's banking relationships, investment funds and borrowings. Phil Tanner, Funds Manager, leads the Treasury team.

The Director of Capital Financing and Treasury is Jarrod Holmes.


Jarrod Holmes
Director, Capital Financing and Treasury
Tel: +61 39905 8383

Sue Loughnan
Manager, Capital Financing
Tel: +61 3 9902 9617