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Finance's Accounts Payable department is responsible for invoice processing and query management.

According to our terms and conditions we require that all invoices must quote a Monash purchase order number.  The University cannot guarantee that an invoice without a purchase order number will be accepted for payment. To ensure that your invoice is paid on time it is important that suppliers adhere to this condition.  Monash University uses Coupa as its purchasing and payment system.

All invoices must be created from a Coupa purchase order, and sent electronically to Monash. PDF invoices are not accepted.

There are a few options to create an invoice in Coupa, either using the Coupa Supplier Portal, or from the purchase order email (SAN).

For all your invoice queries please contact the following:

t: (03) 9905 6158
a: Accounts  Payable
Monash  University, Clayton
VIC  3800

Click here for information about Vendor payment dates.