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eTendering Portal

Click here for open tenders through the University’s eTendering portal, Tenderlink. There is no cost to register and access is available at

Application of probity

Strategic Procurement requires accountability for the spending of University funds which is justified, planned and transparent. Goods and services procured must be fit for purpose and represent value for money, while being socially responsible and ensuring probity in the procurement process. Probity in procurement is to be upheld at all times. Disclosure of any actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest must be declared. A Conflict of Interest Declaration and Confidentiality Agreement is provided for this purpose.

Gifts and entertainment

Individuals actively involved in a tender process are not to accept any hospitality, meals, participation at events (whether paid for or not), or gifts, including items of a trivial or seasonal nature (eg. calendars, diaries, pens etc.)  Solicitation or acceptance of gifts, gratuities and hospitality during a tender process creates conflict of interest and a perception of unfair treatment. It is not in the interests of suppliers to engage in these activities as they may be disqualified from tender processes.