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Strategic Procurement provides expertise, guidance and processes for the purchase of goods and services for the University. We aim to have effective commercial and sustainable relationships with suppliers for the benefit of the University and to provide efficient processes for the purchase of goods and services. The Procurement Procedures outline the minimum requirements to be applied.

Strategic Procurement Framework

A Procurement Framework has been established as a simple online guide for the procurement process and how to buy guides provide information regarding the purchase of goods and/or services on behalf of the University using approved suppliers. This Procurement Framework is based upon the University Procurement Policy as supported by the approved Procurement Procedures.

Monash University has an eTendering portal that supports the distribution of Market Engagement documents (RFT, RFP, RFQ, RFI, EOI) to potential suppliers and facilitates the lodgement of supplier responses via the portal. The use of Tenderlink as the eTendering portal provides a convenient tool that ensures that the University’s tenders are conducted in a proper and consistent manner with appropriate controls to ensure probity of process.

Tender evaluation criteria are agreed in the approved Procurement Plan and are therefore approved in advance of a tender process. Examples of evaluation criteria are price, service, quality of goods, running costs, technical merit, previous experience, delivery date, cost effectiveness, quality, relevant environmental considerations, aesthetic and functional characteristics, safety, after-sales services, technical assistance, and any other relevant matters.

Cost is a major factor in contracts for goods and services but there are many others such as customer service and support, delivery, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The University will specify such factors and weight all of these in the development of the specifications, negotiations, and the final awarding of the contract.


Dan Thearle is the Director, Strategic Procurement

Contact details for Strategic Procurement can be found here