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The Financial Resources Management Division (FiRM) is responsible for managing the University's budgeting development and budget reporting processes. FiRM also provides quality and constructive advice, consultation and assistance to the University community regarding budgeting, funds management, financial analysis and cash flow forecasting.

Specifically, the activities undertaken by FiRM include:

  • Development of the University's budget
  • Reporting and monitoring of the University's financial performance
  • PNL, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecasting
  • Assistance to faculties and portfolios in budget management
  • Central support charge calculations
  • Activity-based costing analysis
  • Assistance in student load planning and monitoring
  • Business advisory, e.g. business case modelling
  • Fees and pricing policy management and advice
  • Finance systems maintenance reporting, monitoring and enhancements (e.g. SAP, Financial Workbench)
  • SAP HR and payroll integrity
  • Executive reporting

Our staff are located in Mulgrave. George Ou is the Executive Director Financial Resources Management (FiRM)