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Procure to Payment Services is the University's contact point for purchasing and payment needs, from advice and transactions to the delivery of goods.

Procure to Payment Services provide services in the following areas:

Purchasing and Payment Services

Purchasing Services

The Purchasing Service teams are the main contact point for all the  University's purchasing needs. The teams  provide  the University with advice and support for vendor selection as well as the purchase  and receipt of goods. The teams' responsibilities also extens to the management  of stores facilities and inventories, asset management and the  monitoring of cash advances.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable process all accounts payable invoices and manage vendor  queries and staff reimbursements. They also manage the vendor and salary  payment processes (including overseas payments) and manage cash advances and  petty cash facilities.

Supplier Engagement

The Supplier Engagement team are responsible for managing vendor material databases and other purchasing master data.  They provide advice and support regarding vendor creation and maintenance.

Dalida Abi-Chebli is the Director, Purchasing and Payment Services

Strategic Procurement

Strategic Procurement provides expertise, guidance and processes for the purchase of goods and services for the University.  Find out more about Strategic Procurement here.

Dan Thearle is the Acting Director, Strategic Procurement

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