Adam Bahfen

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi everyone. My name is Adam Bahfen and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering specialising in mechanical engineering at Monash University in 2018. I am now working as a mechanical engineer with Meinhardt Indonesia.

As a young engineer, I have huge interest and enthusiasm to learn and develop myself. I have a very interesting and exciting first job as a consulting engineer. However, COVID-19 has a huge impact in working culture as an engineer. It’s really difficult to coordinate and explain stuff online as usually you can just show the drawings and explain it to your colleague. Nevertheless, I found this difficult period a time to enhance my communication skills and volunteer to take on more responsibility as a young professional.

It turns out it really tests my skills and knowledge to survive in this period. I must say it is tiring yet so exciting to test yourself like this. As everyone is working from home now and you just communicate via online platform, you don’t get to meet people to dress up for work. That’s one of the perks of working from home. Not to forget to mention, you also need extra effort to cut your hair!

I believe it really test our working culture to the limit. The interesting thing from this period is that working culture has really changed and there will be a new normal. Everyone must be nervous about that, but it’s always exciting to have something new.

During this times I always try to catch up with friends and family to have a laugh and relax my brain. Not forget to mention, this period fell on Ramadan where I as a Muslim was  fasting. It was a shame to have Ramadan in this situation as usually Ramadan is a cheerful time for everyone.

I miss going out to meet everyone and play football! I hope everybody are doing great in this difficult period.


Photo: Me at my home office.