Roll of Honorary Doctorates

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Emeritus Professor Mollie Elizabeth HOLMAN AODoctor of Laws29 April 1999
Dr Neville John McCARTHY AODoctor of Laws 6 October 1999
Dr Michael Wyndham EVANSDoctor of Laws19 October 1999
Dr David William (Bill) ROGERS AODoctor of Laws19 October 1999
Professor Ronald John JOHNSTON OBEDoctor of Laws21 October 1999
Professor Julie Laraine CLIFF AODoctor of Laws8 December 1999


The Honourable Rosemary Anne BALMFORD AMDoctor of Laws25 March 1998
Dr Simone Margaret YOUNG AMDoctor of Laws25 March 1998
Dr Charles Roderick CURWEN AO CVO OBEDoctor of Laws16 April 1998
Professor (Hugo) Brian O'KEEFFE AODoctor of Laws27 May 1998
Datuk Matnor bin DAIMDoctor of Letters7 October 1998
Dr Crofton Lee HATSELLDoctor of Laws17 October 1998
Dr John Henry Winter BIRRELL OAMDoctor of Laws2 December 1998


Professor John William ZILLMAN AODoctor of Science12 March 1997
Professor Valentino John STELLADoctor of Laws13 May 1997
Emeritus Professor Malcolm Ian LOGAN ACDoctor of Letters14 May 1997
Dr Rahardi RAMELANDoctor of Laws14 May 1997
Dr KIM Byung-KwanDoctor of Laws24 May 1997
The Honourable Dr Richard Elgin McGARVIE ACDoctor of Laws8 October 1997
Dr Eve MAHLAB AODoctor of Laws23 October 1997
Tan Sri Dato' Dr Abu Bakar SULEIMANDoctor of Medicine3 December 1997


Dr Helen Margaret GIFFORD OAMDoctor of Letters13 March 1996
The Honourable William Charles CROCKETT AODoctor of Laws27 March 1996
Emeritus Professor Maureen BRUNT AODoctor of Laws1 May 1996
Emeritus Professor Jean Primrose Whyte AMDoctor of Letters 15 May 1996
Professor Anne Osborn KRUEGERDoctor of Economics23 October 1996
Sheila Mary FERGUSON MBEMaster of Arts
(Visual Arts)
4 December 1996


The Honourable Sir Anthony MASON AC KBE GMB QCDoctor of Laws29 March 1995
The Honourable Dr Sir James GOBBO AC CVODoctor of Laws1 April 1995
Dr Donald Robert ARGUS ACDoctor of Laws12 April 1995
Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr Jeffrey CHEAH Fook Ling AODoctor of Laws12 April 1995
Dr Stanley David Martin WALLIS ACDoctor of Laws17 May 1995
Professor Dr Haryono SUYONODoctor of Laws 6 December 1995


Dr John Barry PRESCOTT ACDoctor of Laws30 March 1994
Dr Winifred Gwen NAYLERDoctor of Science20 April 1994
Dr Heinrich PFEIFFERDoctor of Laws30 April 1994
Emeritus Professor John Melvin SWAN AODoctor of Science11 May 1994
Dr David Charles Keith ALLEN AODoctor of Laws11 May 1994
Professor Dr SUJUDIDoctor of Laws1 June 1994
Dr Darvell Martin HUTCHINSON AMDoctor of Laws5 October 1994
Emeritus Professor Neil Edwin CARSON AODoctor of Medicine7 December 1994


Dr Bryan HUDSON AODoctor of Medicine31 March 1993
The Honourable Sir George Hermann LUSHDoctor of Laws31 March 1993
Professor WANG GungwuDoctor of Laws21 April 1993
Dr Brian Thorley LOTON ACDoctor of Laws5 May 1993
The Reverend Dr Davis John McCAUGHEY ACDoctor of Laws8 December 1993


William George MATCHANMaster of Science15 April 1992
Sir Brian Scott INGLIS ACDoctor of Laws15 April 1992
Emeritus Professor Raymond Leslie MARTIN AODoctor of Laws29 April 1992
Dr Hilary Jane McPHEE AODoctor of Letters29 April 1992
Frà Professor Richard Sydney DIVALL AO OBEDoctor of Letters6 May 1992
Dr Robert James SEARLS AMDoctor of Laws3 June 1992


Dr Robert EDWARDS AODoctor of Laws20 March 1991
Dr Willoughby James BAILEY AODoctor of Laws22 March 1991
Emeritus Professor The Honourable Joseph Ezra ISAAC AODoctor of Economics10 April 1991
Emeritus Professor John David LEGGE AODoctor of Letters3 May 1991
Dr Henry KRONGOLDDoctor of Laws31 May 1991
Dr OODGEROO of the Tribe NoonuccalDoctor of Letters16 October 1991


Richard PRATTDoctor of Engineering30 March 1990
Emeritus Professor Leslie BODIDoctor of Letters16 May 1990
Dr David Keith WILLIAMSON AODoctor of Letters30 May 1990
Sir Gustav Joseph Victor NOSSAL AC CBEDoctor of Laws7 December 1990

1990 - Chisholm Institute of Technology

Dr Paul RAMLER AMMaster of Business22 May 1990