Roll of Honorary Graduates

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Willoughby James BAILEYDoctor of Laws22 March 1991
Sidney Baillieu MYER AC (dec.)Doctor of Laws12 July 2021
The Honourable Justice Rosemary Anne BALMFORDDoctor of Laws25 March 1998
Liang BAOHUA Doctor of Laws13 December 2009
Flora Marjorie, Lady BASSETTDoctor of Letters5 April 1968
Sir Walter Eric BASSETTDoctor of Engineering22 May 1970
Cheryl BATAGOLDoctor of Laws22 May 2017
Robert BAXTDoctor of Laws8 March 2018
Benjamin Alexander BAXTERMaster of Science23 April 1986
Lyn BEAZLEYDoctor of Laws17 May 2017
Marcus BESENDoctor of Laws 4 May 2009
Eva BESEN Doctor of Laws 4 May 2009
Lord Sushantha Kumar BHATTACHARYYADoctor of Laws20 May 2015
Arthur John BIRCHDoctor of Science14 April 1982
John Henry Winter BIRRELLDoctor of Laws2 December 1998
Mark BIRRELLDoctor of Laws 20 May 2014
Sir Robert Rutherford BLACKWOODDoctor of Laws19 June 1971
Mr Yehudi BLACHERDoctor of Laws27 September 2022
Robert Alan BLOUINDoctor of Laws25 May 2017
Leslie BODIDoctor of Letters16 May 1990
BOEDIONODoctor of Laws13 February 2013
The Honourable Sir Henry Edward BOLTEDoctor of Laws25 May 1967
Richard BONYNGEDoctor of Laws12 September 2013
Lesley BOSTON Doctor of Laws 19 May 2014
Colin BOURKEDoctor of Laws27 October 2016
Professor Aunty Eleanor BOURKE AMDoctor of Laws26 September 2022
Alec BROERS, Professor the Lord Broers Doctor of Laws 17 December 2009
Dame Mabel Balcombe BROOKESDoctor of Laws25 May 1967
Sir George Lindor BROWNDoctor of Science8 August 1969
Joseph BROWNDoctor of Laws20 May 1981
Maureen BRUNTDoctor of Laws1 May 1996
Harrison BRYANDoctor of Laws5 June 1985
The Honourable Quentin Alice Louise BRYCEDoctor of Laws
Monash Warwick Alliance Awards
26 August 2014
Shane BUGGLEDoctor of Laws13 December 2021
Henry George BURGERDoctor of Laws16 December 2014
Joseph Terence Anthony BURKEDoctor of Letters20 May 1977
Sir Frank Macfarlane BURNETDoctor of Science11 December 1968
James Douglas BUTCHARTDoctor of Laws1 April 1987
The Honourable Diana BRYANT AO QCDoctor of Laws19 May 2021
Edward BYRNEDoctor of Laws15 May 2017