Roll of Honorary Graduates

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Mr Mark CUBITDoctor of Laws22 March 2022
Rosemary Vivian CALDERDoctor of Laws10 October 2002
Sir Bernard James CALLINANDoctor of Engineering5 December 1984
Enid Mona CAMPBELL Doctor of Laws 21 April 2005
Barbara CANNON Doctor of Laws 7 May 2009
Peter Philip CAREYDoctor of Letters25 October 2000
Sir Roderick Howard CARNEGIE Doctor of Laws 13 October 2011
Neil Edwin CARSONDoctor of Medicine7 December 1994
Richard Gavin Gardiner Casey, Lord CASEY of BerwickDoctor of Laws23 April 1966
Nicholas Edward CAVEDoctor of Laws 28 March 2008
Rodney Leonard CHADWICKDoctor of Laws17 December 2013
Sir Michael CHAMBERLINDoctor of Laws11 April 1969
Jean-Pierre CHANGEUXDoctor of Laws19 September 2017
His Royal Highness, The Prince Charles, Prince of WalesDoctor of Laws16 April 1981
Jeffrey CHEAH Fook LingDoctor of Laws12 April 1995
Alex CHERNOVDoctor of Laws 14 May 2014
Nathan Isaac CHERNYDoctor of Laws18 May 2017
Dato' CHEW Chee Kin Doctor of Laws 9 March 2011
Alan Rowland CHISHOLMDoctor of Letters7 May 1971
Clement Byrne CHRISTESENDoctor of Letters16 May 1975
Ian William CHUBB Doctor of Laws 7 June 2012
Colin Grant CLARKDoctor of Economics18 March 1983
Sir Gordon Colvin Lindesay CLARKDoctor of Laws9 April 1975
Graeme Milbourne CLARK Doctor of Laws 2 December 2004
Megan CLARKDoctor of Laws24 October 2013
Julie Laraine CLIFFDoctor of Laws8 December 1999
Donald COCHRANEDoctor of Economics26 March 1982
Mr Peter John COLEMANDoctor of Laws29 May 2019
Willis Henry CONNOLLYDoctor of Engineering25 May 1967
Lawrence Percival COOMBESDoctor of Engineering19 March 1975
Carl Ferdinand CORIDoctor of Science16 May 1966
Brian Arthur CORLESSDoctor of Laws18 December 2013
His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter COSGROVEDoctor of Laws25 May 2016
Peter Howard COSTELLODoctor of Laws 9 May 2013
Ruth Elise COULSELLMaster of Science11 April 1979
The Right Honourable Sir Zelman COWENDoctor of Laws 1 June 2004
The Honourable Mr Justice William Charles CROCKETTDoctor of Laws27 March 1996
Charles Roderick CURWENDoctor of Laws16 April 1998