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From combating modern slavery to revolutionising how we use energy and making advances in cardiovascular health, Monash Life dives deep into how Monash alumni, researchers and students are transforming our future, for good.

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In-depth features on how our alumni and Monash community are tackling the greatest challenges of our age:
climate change, geopolitical security and creating thriving communities.

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Being a single father is tough. But historian Jill Barnard says that her work on Australian fatherhood uncovered one particularly heartbreaking story. The man, a widower who had lost his wife to illness, was trying to care for two young sons, first with the help of his mother-in-law before she too died, and then by moving in with another family.

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So how are you really?

A 2022 report suggests that more than 40% of Australians have experienced a mental disorder at some time in their life, with anxiety coming out top. That's why in this special Monash Life series we’re checking in on you and your wellbeing. And exploring how everything from the climate crisis to inflation is affecting our mental health.

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Dr Neyin Chan Aung operating his compact CT scanner prototype

Meet Dr Nyein Chan Aung

Hard at work developing the world’s smallest brain CT scanner, Dr Aung knows that if you want your ideas to be loved, you need more than tech brilliance – you need design.

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Campus stories

The people and places that make Monash unique

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Met at Monash

From love stories to lifelong friendships and impactful partnerships, special connections are made at Monash University.

Find out how our alumni met the important people in their lives, and what happened next.

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Tackling the challenges of the age

Discover how Monash alumni and the University community are leading meaningful change for future generations