Amanda O'Brien

London, United Kingdom

Hi everyone! I’m Amanda O’Brien. I completed my Bachelor of Economics at Monash in 1991 and enjoyed it so much that I returned to do a Bachelor of Business Marketing (Honours) which I completed in 1993.

I am an Australian who has lived in London for 18 years. I live in Shepherd’s Bush in Central London. I haven’t left West London since the lockdown began. As a travel blogger and a marketing consultant normally I would have been overseas at least 3-4 times already this year so my passport is quite dusty!

Luckily I have a nice home, great neighbours and no underlying health issues. My neighbourhood, Fulham and Hammersmith, has been very active in terms of community support and I, along with many others, have joined several community groups. One of the upsides of this pandemic has been the growth in community spirit and friendliness in my local area.

Work wise, apart from not heading to Heathrow not much has changed for me. I am a marketing consultant who primarily works with UCL, the top London university. My work there has always been focussed around marketing strategy and digital marketing and I have always been home based. Universities are obviously going through immense change at the moment and having to move online fast so I am supporting UCL’s Faculty of Life Sciences in that change. I feel very proud to have worked with some of the amazing academics at UCL who are now leading government thinking, key research projects and actually out on the frontline on COVID-19.

My travel blog, The Boutique Adventurer, has understandably seen a massive drop in traffic during these times. Believe it or not a major component of having a successful travel blog is spending a lot of time on your laptop. I am spending this time optimising my old content to update and optimise for SEO, developing video content and working on social media.

Image: Me pictured with a Beefeater, pre COVID-19 and social distancing. Beefeaters are the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London.