Angel D Souza

Melbourne, Australia

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these trying times! I graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminology (a mouthful I know). I am so grateful for my time at Monash! All my experiences taught me great lessons about myself and the world around me. I am now more assured of my path ahead, and I am more determined than ever to succeed in achieving all my goals.

I know the reinstatement of Stage 3 restrictions in Melbourne have been frustrating, especially since we were so close to getting back to normal, whatever that may have looked like. Having only graduated in December last year, I was eager to jump into the world of  employment and pursue my dreams, only to have COVID-19 bring that all to a temporary halt.

The job search has been difficult, and initially, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. A close family member of mine however reminded me that I had so much to be grateful for - my family and friends safe and healthy, a place to live, casual shifts to support myself and my sisters financially and endless time to learn and explore something new, whether it be a new talent or a new course.

With this newfound perspective, I have been exploring relentlessly! I have taken to cooking up a storm and trying new recipes with amazing results (see the picture below). I’ve begun a project management course online, and I am also using my skills and talents to volunteer for a wonderful non-profit that supports young people with mentoring and resources to thrive and succeed in their environments, regardless of the hardship they face.

The pandemic has also brought to the forefront so many social and human rights movements – the Black and Aboriginal Lives Matter Movements, the #PayUp campaign against fast fashion industries not paying their workers, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and so many other injustices that many vulnerable communities are dealing with alongside COVID-19. This has been an opportunity to listen, learn, reflect and take action to right wrongs and empower each other, and I am grateful that we are moving forward to a better tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone! Peace and love to all. - Angel D Souza

Image: Me with a pot of spiced lamb Korma cooked by yours truly.