Benazir Komarudin

Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia! Many people are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Lives are being lost and many more become jobless as the economy declines due to lockdowns.

I studied a Master of International Practice in Monash University two years ago. I discovered a whole new understanding of social and poverty issues that are prevalent in my country.

Based on all the knowledge that I gained at Monash, I have established a social entrepreneurship initiative to assist people who are affected greatly by COVID-19. Over the course of three months, we have distributed hundreds packs of basic needs and also personal protective equipment for medics in five hospitals across the capital city, Jakarta, by selling t-shirts.

Wish us luck! Stay healthy and safe everyone

Benazir Komarudin, Indonesia

Photo: Me with my younger brother, Khalfani, who is helping me.