David Conti

Melbourne, Australia

Hi All, I’m David. I completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University in 2002. Today I’m based in Melbourne and like many people navigating the challenges of COVID.

The past few weeks have been a roller coaster.

My wife and I recently founded #GoKindly social enterprise. We make pillows that help you sleep better and donate 50% of profits to support women experiencing homelessness.

Last week we had record online sales and sold out of our signature pillow. But our Melbourne-based manufacturer is shut down due to current restrictions. We are hoping to re-stock in 6 weeks.

Given we don’t have our signature pillow in stock we are trying to continue to generate revenue by taking pre-orders. We are using this extra time to explore our product range and plan to launch two new products by Christmas. Also, we are preparing several marketing campaigns that we will launch as soon as the pillows arrive.

Before COVID hit there were 49,000 women in Australia experiencing homelessness every night. Unfortunately, with 1,000,000+ Australians unemployed, that number will rise.

The reasons for homelessness are more complex than you think and COVID has made us all realise how vulnerable we can be.

Worryingly, I think the legacy of COVID will be a growing inequality in society. If you are fortunate like me, I think we should all be working to support others.

COVID has made me more determined to grow #GoKindly and help people in need.

Take care,



Photo: Laura, my wife and co-Founder GoKindly, Frankie and myself.