Devendra Singh

Jaipur, India

Hi everyone, my name is Devendra Singh and I’m from Jaipur, India. I completed my Master of Business Information Systems at Monash University in 2019. I am now working in multiple roles with several organizations alongside working on a few ideas of my own.

For many of my cohort, the graduating class of late 2019, we were the first to experience the decline in the employment market. For me, this was a different journey altogether. My professional work with Monash University as the Student Engagement Officer came to an end in December 2019. In the same month, I got re-elected to a national role in the peak national body of students in Australia. As I was interested in student engagement, advocacy, and representation, I took another voluntary role with Study Melbourne  to be an Ambassador for the year 2020.

My interest and enthusiasm in working with students and young graduates has grown since then. Currently, I'm highly engaged in international as well as multicultural communities on the national and state level, respectively. This has broadened my horizons.

In the last six months, I have embarked on a journey of starting my own ventures. I have released a website in early April to help and support the prospective international students in Australia. My other startup supports the current students and recent graduates of schools, colleges, and universities in India to get their first job or first internship. The pre-release of the website has been made recently and we are already getting responses from across the country. I'm operating both of them from Australia with teams across Australia and India.

I believe that not having a full-time job amid this crisis has made me more resilient and open to opportunities that are coming my way. Moreover, I got the sense of committing fully to my ventures alongside helping and supporting the communities here. For me, it has always been about collaborations and relationships.

These days, I just miss going out with friends and visiting the cities across the country. On a positive side, this has also provided me more time to work on something new and exciting every single day.

I believe that everyone can turn such times into positive times and I hope everyone should do so, irrespective of any limitations that may encounter their journey. - Devendra

Photo: Taken at the Blue Boathouse during a visit to Perth, Western Australia