Dominique Staindl

London, United Kingdom

Dear alumni,

If there has ever been a time to expand connections across the world, it’s now. A postcard may be old fashioned, but it’s a good start.

As it has for so many, lockdown has provided me a state-mandated opportunity for reflection. It puts the feeling of home into perspective. For many of us overseas, ‘home’ seems further when the world is in chaos. While for others, it’s closing in - voluntary entrapment with a TV and soft cushions.

Since graduating from Monash with a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Visual Arts, I’ve been paid to communicate about the impact buildings have on our lives. I bet you can name ten musicians, but do you know who designed the walls around you or ensured you can see outside? The spaces we can afford have arguably never been so important as we behave in homes and battle in hospitals.

The gap between the so-called ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ is amplified in situations such as this. I never thought I’d be so lucky. While my high-energy persona gets an isolation makeover, I have the luxury to unfurl in solitude and an east London garden. I’m financially supported and have actual month-old fox cubs running around my feet. Without an underlying illness, restless dependents, affected family or an abusive partner, I thrive in a Disney-princess existence while others survive a living hell.

No one knew which side of the coin they would fall on when this all started, nor where any of us will end up. Society asks big questions while we balance economy and responsibility; and we’re quick to pick the flesh off the carcass of those who don’t deliver. Strong leadership on every level is more critical than ever.

Whatever the situation or state-of-mind this postcard finds you in, I hope you are coping. And if you’re not, I’ve enclosed a video of fox cubs for you to help pass the time.


Dominique Staindl

Image: Dominique in her yard

Video: Baby fox cubs playing in my backyard in London.