Kishen Shashikant


My name is Kishen Shashikant. I graduated from Monash University Malaysia with the Bachelors of Business & Commerce majoring in Accounting & Finance in 2016. I think I’m personable and confident, and both of these traits were developed at Monash University – not only through the various experiences from Student Associations in Monash but also through the people I met and the course I took.

Being part of Monash University’s Student Association (MUSA), an opportunity was presented to me to work in Monash University’s Events Department for 4 months as my internship where I learnt a lot of soft skills such as communication skills, leadership and teamwork which has helped me in many ways in my former and current job.

I joined Nielsen late last year as an Analytic Consultant. It’s only been 6 months but I’ve developed critical skills which is crucial as I take my career to the next level in life.

Working while the family is around was rather strange and unusual at first but turned out well eventually. In fact, I spend more time with the family by having breakfast, lunch and dinner whereas when I was working from the office, I could only have dinner with them on working days.

Life is never a smooth sailing journey as the pandemic hit us. However, during this unprecedented time, it is imperative to always stay positive, regularly check on your progress and reassess the situation by focusing on realistic and short-term goals.

Image: Kishen at home in Malaysia