Mahiul Bidat Chowdhury

Tasmania, Australia

Hi all. My name is Mahiul Bidat Chowdhury. I completed the Master of Social Work at Monash University in 2019. I live in Tasmania, a beautiful island state of Australia, which strictly maintains isolation that leads to success in controlling the pandemic at the community level.

Although we live in a relatively safe place, I am concerned about parents and extended family, who are in the home country Bangladesh. I take this unpredictable time as a tool for personal and professional development.

For instance, I have been participating in ongoing networking and professional development sessions of the Australian Association of Social Work of the Tasmanian branch. Furthermore,I have been providing personal counselling to people who require mental health support in these crisis days.

I assist my wife Ishrat, who is a physician and is devoting herself to activities related to her profession. Along with our four years old daughter, we visited George Town and stayed there for three weeks, where my wife did a three weeks observership at a GP centre.

I engage myself in various volunteering activities by using my skills. For instance, I have been guiding people in achieving the desired scores in IELTS and PTE writing sections by volunteer mentoring. I am excited to inform you that I become a mentor to Monash University’s mentoring program, and hoping that this will be an outstanding experience for me as a mentor.

I hope that these days of COVID-19 will not remain for a very long period, and it provides us excellent opportunities to engage with the community through volunteer acts, and by standing beside each other with empathy and compassion. I welcome everyone to Discover Tasmania when everything will is to the normal again.

Mahiul Bidat Chowdhury

Image: My wife, Ishrat, my daughter, Manha, and myself in George Town, Tasmania