Masitah Salleh


Hello everyone, my name is Masitah. I graduated from Monash Malaysia with a Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) and now work at Monash. Since the campus closed, we've all been working from home. I’ve discovered I tend to snack a lot while working at home which is not entirely healthy. Then Ramadan came, when Muslims are required to fast, and I’ve had to seriously curb my eating.

Every year, I would go back to my hometown to break the fast and celebrate Eid (end of Ramadan) with my family. My mum would prepare all her delicious cooking and we would spend quality family time over meals. However this year it will be different. The Prime Minister of Malaysia announced no traveling to other states.

One day, I was craving for Tepung Bunga, a special kueh (bite-sized delicacy) from Kelantan and Terengganu. I usually make it with my mum during Ramadan, but during this Movement Control Order (MCO), I had to do it alone, without my mum’s supervision. I called my mom to go through the recipe and re-read the instructions before making it. After feeling confident, I prepared all the ingredients accordingly. It's quite challenging to prepare the ingredients because I need to search for specific brands which my mum loves to use for this special snack.

Since I was fasting I was not able to taste as I prepared the kueh. I prayed for the best! It looked like how it was supposed to look, so I felt relieved. It didn't take very long to make, but I had to multitask. Since I have to double dip the small dough into the egg, I also need to be able to control the heat, fry the dough and at the same time arrange the fried kueh into a container sprinkled with sugar.

Upon breaking of fast, I was pleased that the kueh tasted good. It was chewy, fragrant and sweet at the same time. It’s just how mum made it. Who knows, I might even be able to sell it :)

Monash taught me a lot. With ‘Ancora Imparo’, I always believe there is a solution to every problem as we are continuously learning. We can’t go home during the MCO period, but we can bring home to us through food.

Image:  Me (far left in Green shirt) with my sister and cousins at our hometown.

Image: This is kueh tepung bunga. It is a bite-sized snack made of  rice flour and glutinous flour.