Nahida Shumona

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello, my name is Nahida Shumona and this is my ‘Lockdown Story’. In my country we do not call it lockdown, we refer to it as general holidays.

I completed a Master of Arts (Diplomacy and International Trade) at Monash. I am the Director General with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so from 26th March to 26th April 2020 I worked from home which allowed me time to organize my apartment a bit. From 27th April I work for four hours at the office. My once a week relaxed grocery shopping became a thing of the past! I order groceries through a service. I do not visit my mom, who is bedridden and has multiple illnesses, for her own safety. My husband and children live in another continent (Canada) and travel restrictions prevent us from being together. They are in a strict lockdown situation.

But I see many birds sitting in my window, they came back as there are fewer people outside. The sky is not grey anymore, it’s almost blue. The leaves of the trees are green, the dust is not there anymore.

My city Dhaka in Bangladesh is breathing. But the virus is here, people getting ill and dying. Hoping for the best.

Images: Nahida visiting Sydney last year.