Pasan Kavisinghe

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hi, I'm Pasan Kavisinghe, a 2017 engineering graduate from Monash University living in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Being a Project Manager involved in commercial development, it's never practical or feasible to work from home because your job role involves numerous site visits and on-site planning. However, my skills and perseverance have definitely been tested with the ever changing global landscape. I believe the years I spent at Monash prepared me to have a dynamic mindset. This has allowed me to make decisive calls on the go.

As far as the situation in Sri Lanka is concerned, we have as a nation been lucky enough to have not been hit as hard by COVID-19 as many other countries. The majority of reported cases on our island have been mainly from returning Sri Lankan citizens who had been stranded overseas during this time.

It has definitely been a challenge adapting to the new social norms that entail mask wearing and social distancing. It’s impractical to assume that we can ever overcome this outbreak without playing our own role as individuals in society and adapting to the so-called 'new normal'.

I believe by playing our own part we can combat this pandemic and recover not just as a nation but as a global population, given some time.