Syeda Jaferi Husain

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am Syeda Jaferi Husain, I completed Master of Communication and Media Studies from Monash University in 2016. After that, I came back home to Bangladesh and I have been working and living here.  Currently I am working as a Gender Consultant for the World Bank Office in Dhaka. To my surprise I got this job during the lockdown.

As a gender consultant I conduct qualitative research, write reports and attend webinars across different time zones. Considering the current circumstances, it is an ideal job and I have always believed that research and writing require full concentration and can be optimised at home instead of a 9 to 5 office cubicle.  Also, Dhaka is a very crowded city. Working from home saves time that is wasted in endless traffic while commuting.

I have specifically mentioned a positive side of my life during the pandemic. But it does not mean we are not living in fear. Personally, I have not attended any social event or public place in over six months. I only go out occasionally when there is an emergency. I live with my parents who are in their old age. Therefore, I must be careful. I believe by staying home I am contributing to a solution rather than being part of a problem.

We are all going through horrific and unpredictable times, and there are rumours of a second lockdown because people in Dhaka are not obeying the rules of social distancing. Many people I knew have lost their lives during this pandemic. Every day social media and the news are flooded with devastating reports of deaths, and industries going bankrupt. I sincerely pray that the world and our lives become “normal” again.