Thuseinthan Inpabalan

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hi, I’m Thuseinthan Inpabalan. I completed a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) degree at Monash University in 2019. Today, I am based in Colombo, Sri Lanka with my family. Just like everyone else around the globe, people are steering the difficulties and challenges that COVID has made us face, obstructing the ‘normal way of life’.

Working in the dynamic apparel sector for MAS has been a great professional experience thus far. I am a Technology Entrepreneur under the Wearable Technology pillar in the Innovation field for MAS Active (Pvt.) Ltd. The experience has been a great learning on how ‘newness’ can be used to cater for the rapid changes in consumer needs, especially for Activewear.

The global apparel industry had shifted its focus to medical apparel, in particular PPE. The challenge of being in the Wearable Technology space was to keep going strong on the projects we had already begun in terms of development and to innovate, feasible technology-based apparel solutions to assist the fight against the pandemic.

I believe anything is possible if we really want it. In that same positive mindset, if we all believe and combat this challenge together, we can overcome the current obstacles and end the COVID pandemic.

Image: A photo of Thuseinthan taken at work.