Herman Widjaja

Herman Widjaja

Herman Widjaja is the Chief Technology Officer of Tokopedia, overseeing the overall Tokopedia’s technology and data office. Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company with a mission to democratize commerce through technology. After a decade, Tokopedia is now evolving into a ‘super ecosystem’ that allows everyone to start and discover anything. Besides his role at Tokopedia, Herman is also the Chief Executive Officer of Semangat Digital Bangsa (SDB) - a financial technology company that provides alternative credit scoring from e-commerce data sources.

Passionate about growing and globalizing the Indonesian technology community, Herman is also contributing to Tokopedia Academy, a learning ground for the future digital talents in Indonesia by Tokopedia. Through Tokopedia Academy, Tokopedia established a strategic relationship with Monash University Indonesia to enhance research collaboration and knowledge dissemination in Data Science research and forums.

Herman has been essential in establishing technology as the core of Tokopedia’s activities, innovations, and financial growth. With thousands of engineers under his wing, his hiring philosophy is regeneration. He prioritizes nurturing the talent and skills of Tokopedia’s next generation of leaders and helping them achieve their purpose within the company and beyond.

Herman also places a high value on women in technology. He believed that by celebrating the unique qualities, abilities, and knowledge that women have in technology, we could shape the next generation of technology that sees gender not as a barrier but as an advantage for creating impact and innovation.

Before Tokopedia, Herman led technology teams at Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. He currently holds eight US/international-issued patents, has four patents pending approval, and has written four industry publications. Herman received the innovation and entrepreneurship award at the 2021 Australian Alumni Awards.

Herman received his Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (with Honours) from Monash University.