Towards a low-carbon future for Indonesia

The ClimateWorks Australia international program was designed to enhance knowledge transfer relating to ambitious climate action in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, based on our experience of whole-of-economy and sectoral transitions developed over almost 10 years in Australia.

ClimateWorks is best described as a ‘think-and-do tank’ – creating robust, evidence-based foundations for change, with a strong focus on driving implementation.

(From left) Ms. Massita Ayu Putriastuti (Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) researcher), Guntur Sutiyono (Senior Project Manager), Dr. Filda Yusgiantoro (PYC chair, and Monash alumni), Meg Argyriou (ClimateWorks Australia’s Head of International Programs), Mr. Diwangkara Bagus Nugraha (PYC researcher).

It focused initially on Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines (with some ongoing support to the Pacific), setting clear, long-term objectives in terms of climate mitigation and other sustainable development outcomes, and defining a pathway to achieving them.

This work also includes creating the ‘enabling conditions’ – helping to encourage stakeholder buy-in and political will, supporting policy adjustments, and helping to unlock finance.

Recently, ClimateWorks staff met one of our alumni, Filda Yusgiantoro, chair of the Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center, Indonesia, and they discussed renewable energy in Indonesia, philanthropic opportunities, and the program key focus areas.

Focus areas:

  • Creating a compelling case for shifting to a green growth trajectory
  • Supporting the development of long-term strategies (pathways that map out the technology and policy changes required to transition to a climate-safe, sustainable and economically resilient future by mid-century)
  • Supporting the transition to clean, affordable and reliable electricity systems, backing ambitious energy efficiency, and unlocking green finance.

The focus is building the capacity of local institutions, particularly through partnerships. ClimateWorks is determined to build on existing work and efforts, rather than competing or duplicating the work of others.

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While ClimateWorks receives core program funding through philanthropy, it typically seeks project-based funding for projects from philanthropy and government bilateral donors. It’s also interested in long-term strategic partnerships with stakeholders that enables it to maximise the impact of its work over time.

ClimateWorks Australia is currently seeking partnership and philanthropic support. If you’re interested to hear more, please email Gusti Reynaldie, the Indonesia alumni manager. If you’d like to provide in-kind support through skills, networks, partnership opportunities or hosting staff in-country, it’d be gratefully received.

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