Julia Banks MP welcomed back to Clayton campus

Julia Banks MP welcomed back to Clayton campus

Monash University welcomed Julia Banks MP back to the Clayton campus recently. The current Federal member for Chisholm (which includes the suburbs of Clayton, Mt Waverley, and Box Hill) visited the Food Innovation Centre and met with the key staff members behind this world standard facility.

The visit to the Centre highlighted the advancement of the industry and the impact that Monash University research has made on the food technology sector. The new local MP has previously worked as a senior business executive and lawyer for Australian manufacturing companies that make everyday supermarket  food and consumer healthcare products and she takes a keen interest in the cutting edge technology.

With many opportunities to unlock, Monash University and the Food Innovation Centre are driving food innovation by providing front end consumer aided services to help businesses identify and select the right ideas to develop in a highly competitive retail industry.

As well as providing high end idea visualisation tools, the Centre is assisting non-food businesses to use best practice innovation approaches for solving innovation challenges and offering end to end project management and technical skills from concept to execution in the market.

This is good news for the Chisholm area that has a diverse range of business, light and heavy industries including warehouses and metal, transport and electrical firms.

Julia Banks MP graduated from Monash with a Bachelor of Laws and Arts. She continues to be a strong supporter of the University and has visited the campus several times recently to view the latest developments.

The unwavering industry and partner support allows Monash to continue growing its research and infrastructure capabilities to contribute to innovation and economic development within Victoria.