Advice for Bachelor of Global Studies students

As a Bachelor of Global Studies (BGS) student, you are in a unique position of having overseas study built directly into your course.

You can complete your overseas study component by studying a Semester in Prato or on exchange with a partner university, by studying on intercampus exchange with Monash Malaysia or by completing several short overseas programs.

Studying overseas will give you the opportunity to gain multiple perspectives on your specialisation while immersing yourself in a new culture and honing your language skills.


Planning your overseas studies


Start planning your overseas study early (first semester of first year) as most application processes start a year before hopping on the plane. You will need to plan your program around the Leadership for Social Change, Cornerstone and Capstone units – which must be taken at Monash.

Course advice meeting

Get a course progression check to determine how you should structure your degree. Electives are typically the easiest unit type to complete overseas – be aware of how many electives you have in your degree.


Choose a program wisely – a good choice can help enhance your employability skills, flexibility and communications skills.  Do your research and think outside the box!

Go again

Going overseas more than once is recommended.  Try to become a regional expert or study subjects from contrasting viewpoints (e.g. East vs. West).


Global Scholars Program

Apply for thid scholars program that will help you build on your overseas experience and intercultural competencies through activities such as mentorships, blogging and events.  It is open to all BGS students so apply now for a $3000 scholarship!


Advice by Specialisation

The below programs are suggestions for Bachelor of Global Studies students. We selected them based on their availability, affordability and academic content. You are not confined to the programs below and are welcome to consider any other opportunities available via Monash Abroad or Arts Outbound Programs.

Below are pages with specific advice on your Specialisation:


Advice for Semester in Prato

Arts now offers a full Semester (September – December) at the Monash Prato Centre in Italy! As a BGS student, you have a number of options available to you in 2018.

More information on the Semester can be found on the Semester in Prato website.


To meet the minimum requirement of 18 Monash credit points of overseas study, BGS students should consider clusters of study according to their Specialisation. Clusters are a group of two or more programs that meet the minimum 18 point requirement. Here are some example clusters by Specialisation. What is your cluster?

  • International Relations: Eg. ACICIS International Relations (Indonesia)  + Washington and the World (USA)
  • International Studies: Eg. In the Footsteps of Refugees (SE Asia) + Coexistence in the Middle East (Israel); Applied Social Entrepreneurship (India) + Exchange to Warwick (UK)
  • Global Cultural Literacies: Eg. Semester in Prato + Cavilam Intensive Program; China Intensive Language Program + International Internship
  • Double Degree Students: Eg. Marketing in China (Commerce) + Australia and Asia (Indonesia); Science Exchange to Monash Malaysia + Field Methods in Anthropology (Malaysia)