Study Abroad Programs

Do you have a destination in mind that is not listed as a partner institution through the exchange program?

Or is there a winter/summer program offered by an overseas education institution for which you would like to receive credit?

Please see below further information on how you can apply for approval.

Please note, all students must apply for credit prior to departure and cannot receive retrospective credit for a program completed overseas.

Independent Study Abroad (ISA)

Independent Study Abroad allows you to study one semester, or one year, at an overseas institution that does not have an exchange agreement with Monash. Independent Study Abroad is only an option if you're studying a very specific degree where a tailored experience will increase your chances of getting a job in a related field, help you make industry specific connections, or connect you with specialist international academics who can help you further your study. It is also a more expensive option as all tuition fees will need to be paid to the host institution (see Financial Information below for further details).

Find out more about ISAs, how to apply and deadlines on the Monash Abroad website.

Global Summer and Winter Programs

Study for a short period overseas, in either the Monash summer (December-February) or winter (June-July) breaks. These experiences are usually worth between 6 and 12 credits, depending on the duration of the program.

Find out more about Global Summer and Winter Programs, how to apply and deadlines on the Monash Abroad website. You will need to adhere to both Monash Abroad's and the program host's deadlines.

Please note that students can only receive credit for programs that have been approved by Monash Abroad. To view the list of approved program options, please refer to the Monash Abroad Portal (MAP) Global Summer and Winter Programs website.

Find out more about funding and financial information