Travel Insurance

Students on Monash-affiliated international programs are provided complimentary travel insurance by Liberty International Underwriters for up to 365 days. Under this policy, travellers will also receive access to 24/7 emergency assistance provided by Global 24 Emergency Assistance and limited coverage for personal travel days.

You will automatically be provided coverage once Monash Abroad has approved your application in the Monash Abroad Portal (status will be “Committed” for most program types).

Important conditions of coverage

  • Coverage includes access to a limited number of personal travel days. Please check the table below for advice on the number of personal travel days eligible for coverage by program.
  • You must have a return airfare to and from your final destination. There is no insurance coverage for one-way tickets.
  • If you have a pre-existing health or mental health condition we recommend that obtain a fit-to-travel certificate from your doctor.
  • There is no coverage for university-affiliated domestic travel.
  • Review full policy details before you book travel and depart for your program

Global 24 Emergency Assistance

Global 24 Emergency Assistance can provide a wide range of support if you encounter a problem overseas. In addition to emergency assistance, they can also provide information on accessing reputable medical practitioners, mental health support, or assistance with organising travel in an emergency situation.

In an emergency or urgent situation, contact Global 24 Emergency Assistance to obtain advice about seeking treatment or support in-country.

PHONE: +61 2 9312 5191


Assistance card

Services provided:

  • Emergency and non-emergency assistance
  • Access to English-speaking doctors
  • Evacuation
  • Crisis response

Further details about the policy, getting coverage and submitting a claim can be found on the Monash Finance Intranet (login required). If you have any questions regarding your insurance policy or filing a claim, please email

Personal travel days - Programs departing in 2022

Program typeTotal number of personal travel days covered
Programs 12 weeks or longer (from program start date to program end date)
  • Up to 60 days of personal travel in total to take place before the start or after the formal in-country program end date. Students taking more than 60 days of personal travel will need to specify in their MAP application which days are covered by University insurance and purchase their own insurance for the remainder

Monash Global Campus Intensives 2022

Monash Global Campus Studios 2022

  • Up to 60 days of personal travel total to take place before or after the formal program end date, with coverage before the program limited to 3 days
All other programs (from program start date to program end date)
  • Up to 7 days of personal travel before and up to 7 days after the formal in-country program end date (14 days total)

Please note: for exchange and study abroad programs, ‘program start date’ is taken to mean the first day of orientation that exchange/study abroad students must attend as advised by the host institution. The ‘program end date’ is taken to mean the final date of the assessment period at the end of the study period at the host institution. For all other programs, the ‘program start date’ and ‘program end date’ are the published dates for the program.