Support services

At Monash, we've set up a whole host of support services for you to use before and once you arrive. Orientation makes sure you know your way around, and you can connect with study and English language support, and lots of fun stuff too.

Services for all Monash students

Everyone at Monash can take advantage of an extensive range of services.

Services just for you

As an exchange or study abroad-er you'll get:

  • a Monash academic transcript with grades upon completion – depending on the arrangement with your home uni you may receive credit for the courses you study at Monash towards your home degree
  • help finding accommodation
  • access to a 24-hour emergency telephone service (for you and your family)
  • special orientation, events and excursions to help you find your way and make friends
  • lots of support and help when you need it.

Safety at Monash

At Monash, the safety and security of staff and students is an important priority and shared responsibility. Our campus security is state-of-the art. We ensure our safe environment with 24-hour campus security that includes regular security patrols and CCTV camera surveillance.

Whether you come to Monash to study, work, live at or visit the university, our Campus Protection Services are in place to ensure your safety. Learn more about Safety and Security at Monash here.

We're here to help

Monash Abroad staff will be your first point of contact throughout your stay, and can provide you with support you during your study at Monash - feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Next steps

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