Academic considerations

If you are applying to study second and third year units you must review the Handbook entry prerequisites to ensure you have that prior knowledge to undertake the unit. Your home institution will confirm this when they sign off on your study plan so it is important they do that before you apply to Monash.

In the first two weeks of teaching, if you feel your prior knowledge is not sufficient, you can change your enrolment to any of the other pre-approved units from your application, or seek further approvals from your home institution. An email confirming approval for any additions to your study plan is sufficient post application submission.

If you want to change your enrolment, you can forward the email approval directly through to Monash Abroad and we can change your enrolment promptly. You can add and withdraw from units up until the end of the second week of semester.

Please note that after the census date you cannot normally add a unit and you can withdraw from a unit, but academic penalties (and financial penalties for fee paying students) will apply.

There are some units that, for different reasons, are not available to you as an Exchange or Study Abroad student. This is now more clearly defined in the Handbook with the question “Open to exchange or study abroad students?” and answered yes or no. Some reasons why a unit may not open to you are :

  • In most cases, 4th year honours units are not available to Exchange or Study Abroad students.
  • Postgraduate units are only available to postgraduate students (those who have already completed the equivalent of a bachelor degree).
  • In Australia you can study your units across the Clayton and the Caulfield campuses. If you want, however, to study units taught at the Peninsula or Parkville campuses, you must take all of your units at that campus.
  • Units offered only offshore (Malaysia, Prato etc) are not available unless you are studying at that campus or centre.
  • You are permitted to enrol in a maximum one of your four units per semester as off-campus learning (OCL) or distance education (DE) mode, however, this must be confirmed with your home institution first.
  • Most units don't have limits on the numbers that can enrol, quotas, but occasionally there are these restrictions. While it is possible for Study Abroad and Exchange students to study quota units, this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

By following the advice on this page, you can create a study plan with units that work best for you.

Restrictions (by faculty)