Study Abroad Specialisations

Are you looking through the Monash handbook for units to study, but not sure where to start?

Our Study Abroad specialisations highlight units from Monash's extensive handbook through an engaging selection of interdisciplinary themes, to help you create a study plan that is right for you.

What can I study?

You can select units from one or more of these specialisations for your study plan. These specialisations can be used as a guide to finding unique electives or units which meet your major requirements.

With our Study Abroad specialisations, you can study a broad range of units or choose to focus on a theme that interests you.

The specialisations available are:

Australian Environments and Biodiversity

Great Southern Land: Australian and Indigenous Cultures

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Intercultural Leadership

Pre-Medicine/ Pre-Health

Sustainable Development

With a variety of units across multiple faculties, we hope these specialisations allow you to broaden your horizons during your studies here.

The unit information listed above is based on the 2021 Monash Handbook. Before you list a unit on your study plan, please ensure you meet the unit's prerequisites and have a look at our academic considerations.