We know finding accommodation can be tricky, so we’ve provided you with information to make it easy as possible for you to find somewhere that will suit you best during your time at Monash.

When you first arrive

We recommend that you already have accommodation organised before leaving your home country. However, if you’d like to settle in and explore areas and suburbs of Melbourne before deciding on where to live, short-term accommodation might be helpful.

Be sure to arrange your flights so that you arrive in your new city at least two weeks before the Monash Abroad orientation.

Living on-campus

If you’d like to have an immersive experience, study is your main objective and you not a fan of a commute, on-campus accommodation might be right for you.

Living on-campus in the halls of residence will allow you to deeply involve yourself in campus life – you’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with other Exchange and Study Abroad students, international students and domestic students, so you’ll make friends fast. If you cook a delicious curry or chocolate cake, you might make friends even faster. If you’re not a budding Jamie Oliver, the Halls Café is close by, and offers budget friendly food that’s also Halal certified by the Monash University mosque.

Monash Residential Services makes life in the halls fun with tons of social events and activities for you participate in, and moving in is easy because your room is already furnished when you arrive. You can also take advantage of free TV, internet and Foxtel (pay-tv), and support programs.

Living off-campus

If you’re keen to explore your new city every day, prefer tree-lined streets or the company of locals, you might like to find your own accommodation. Maybe you already know people in the city where your Monash campus is located, or you’ve made fast friends with other Exchange and Study Abroad students and you’d like to live together – whatever the reason, we can help you find your new home.

There are many accommodation options available – you could live in a share house or private student accommodation.

Contact us

If you have any questions about accommodation or would like more information, please contact us.

* Monash University has no formal or informal relationship, commercial or otherwise with any of the service providers named here. Monash Abroad does not advocate these services and the providers listed over any other service providers in Melbourne. These examples have been listed simply to provide examples of resources available in areas convenient to Monash campuses.

These resources and details are provided as examples of accommodation providers and agents that may be useful in your search for accommodation during your stay in Melbourne to study at Monash. Your search and research should not be limited to those providers displayed here. We encourage that you seek further advice in conjunction with Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Next steps

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