Emergency contacts

NameContact number
Emergency services

Australia: 000 or 112

Malaysia: 999

Italy: 112

Monash Security Emergency Number+61 3 9905 3333
Fullerton Health Assistance+61 2 9312 5191

Monash Counselling Services

+61 2 8295 2917 (from outside of Australia)

800 791 847 (toll-free) (from Italy)

1800 818 356 (toll free) (from Malaysia)

Who to contact in an overseas emergency

Incident TypeIn-country SupportMonash supportAdditional comments, external links
Safety and crimeLocal police, program partner

Monash Security: +61 3 9905 3333

Monash Safety and Security
Sexual violence

Local police/hospital (if victim requests), trusted local person, program partner

Monash Security: +61 39905 3333

Safer Community Unit: +61 3 9905 1599 or safercommunity@monash.edu

We recommend discussing your situation with Safer Communities to identify your options.
Injury or illnessLocal hospital, doctor, emergency medical services

Fullerton Health Assistance: +61 2 9312 5191

Fullerton will assist with hospital treatment/bills, identifying English-speaking doctors, and medical evacuations.
Mental health concernsPastoral leader, program partners

Monash Counselling Services, 24/7 support (for their location-specific contact numbers, refer to the table above)

Fullerton Health Assistance: +61 2 9312 5191

Monash Counselling Services

Host country crisis or disaster (e.g. pandemic, natural disaster, political unrest)Embassy or consulate

Fullerton Health Assistance: +61 2 9312 5191

Monash Security

Make direct contact with the embassy when explicitly instructed to do so, or if you fail to make contact with a triage point (Fullerton Health Assistance or Monash Security).