Approval process

From start to finish, the approval process takes between six and 10 weeks – from the time Monash Abroad receives your application, to your Confirmation of Enrolment being sent to you.

When allowing time for this process you should also factor in the time you, your home university, or your agent will need in order to prepare your application – this may add many weeks or months to the application processing time.

Monash Abroad always tries to get your Confirmation of Enrolment to you as far ahead of your departure as possible. Ensuring you send us your application only once it’s 100 per cent complete will help us approve you, and get you on your way to Monash, as quickly as possible.

Initial assessment

Monash Abroad staff will acknowledge receipt of applications as soon as they are received.

The Monash Abroad office carries out the initial assessment of applications, checking that the applications are complete and that the students have met the eligibility criteria, including English proficiency. In the case of exchange nominations, the exchange balance between Monash and the partner university is checked, unless an agreement has already been reached before the nominations are sent to Monash.

Study plan approval

Once the initial assessment has been completed, applications are sent to each of the faculties where students have requested units so that their choice of units can be approved. Faculties are entirely responsible for assessing whether students have the necessary prerequisites and academic background to undertake their selected units, and the Monash Abroad office has no say in this.

Specially trained enrolments staff in each faculty assess the exchange and study abroad applications, but they are often referred to individual academic staff responsible for specific units. This means that a study plan may require multiple approvals in more than one faculty – a process which can take anywhere from two to eight weeks (from the date the application is received by Monash Abroad).

Faculty staff may request course outlines and other material from a student's home university to assess the student's suitability for a particular unit. Such requests will normally be forwarded by the Monash Abroad staff.

Monash Abroad staff monitor the length of time applications have been with faculties for approval, and follow up any which seem to be lagging, but we cannot move to the next stage until the study plan has been approved.

Offer of admission

As soon as the study plan has been approved, Monash Abroad will issue a formal offer of admission. This will be in the form of a letter, emailed directly to the student and copied to the partner university or agent, except in cases where partners or agents have specifically requested the offer be sent directly to them. Accompanying the letter will be a list of the student's pre-approved units, acceptance form and a Monash Abroad Pre-Arrival Guide.

Acceptance of offer

The student must sign the acceptance form and return it by scanning and emailing or faxing it to Monash Abroad within 14 days – the offer lapses after this 14 day period.

If not already completed, the student must also:

  • pay for compulsory health insurance
  • pay the non-refundable accommodation application fee (if applicable) for on-campus accommodation
  • pay the study abroad fee for one semester (if the student is a study abroad student) – see tuition fees

Confirmation of enrolment

The Monash Abroad office will issue the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) as soon as acceptance and payment (where applicable) have been received. We will email the CoE directly to the student, except in cases where partners or agents have requested the CoE be sent to them instead.

The CoE is required before an application can be lodged for a student visa.

Your study timetable

Your timetable will be created once the timetabling system opens for all Monash students. This usually occurs in the weeks prior to the beginning of semester, around the same time as your Monash Abroad orientation.

Next steps

Now you have learned more about the approval process for your application, find out about what you should organise before you arrive.

Before you arrive