Study options

Monash is all about choice. A big part of your Monash experience is shaped by your studies, so we hope that by choosing one of the study options available, you can find and study units (courses) that you're really passionate about.

If you’re looking for some advice on the academic side of studying at Monash as a Study Abroad or Exchange student, consult the information provided at our academic advising page. To find out if you're eligible, visit our how to apply page.

Flexible study

There are thousands of coursework units for you to choose from in our Monash handbook. You can find units to study in the handbook through browsing by faculty, or using the search function to find certain keywords in courses (degrees or programs), areas of study (majors or minors), or units at Monash.

You can choose units that are related to your degree back home or units that are completely different, as long as you meet the academic requirements and prerequisites for each unit. Many of our specialist units such as accounting, engineering and law are recognised globally, but it is best to check with the relevant faculty for details.

If you already know what units or areas of study you want to study at Monash and are able to find them in the Monash handbook, then the flexible study option might be the best choice for you.

When choosing what to study, we suggest looking at our page on pre-approved units, which will help streamline the academic approval process of your application.

  • Hint: Pre-approved units are a collection of Monash units which you are automatically permitted to study as they have no or limited pre-requisites and other restrictions.

Optional Study Packages

If you're not sure what to study at Monash and are looking for some inspiration, we recommend looking through our optional study packages, which we have created to help you find Monash units that meet your study needs and interests.

Study Abroad Specialisations

Study Abroad Specialisations are packages of units organised into engaging interdisciplinary themes for study during the semester. These specialisations are:

Back for Summer

Back for Summer is a package of Semester one units which offer flexibility in returning home for summer in the northern hemisphere.

Signature options for Study Abroad students - commencing in 2023

If you are a Study Abroad student, you can also choose from the additional study options listed below (available from 2023 onwards).

Study Abroad Honours in Australia

A distinguished learning program for students who belong to Honours Colleges at their home institutions.

Monash Immersive Learning Experiences (MILEstones)

Intensive, experiential units which take place during summer and winter breaks.

Monash English Bridging and Study Abroad

A pathway program designed to offer students who narrowly missed out on Monash’s English requirements a Monash English Bridging course to develop their language skills.

Next steps

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